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The Better Butchers

Animal-Free butcher shop meats made with oyster mushrooms.
We take pride in crafting our own range of delicious and sustainable alternatives. Welcome to a tastier, planet-friendly way of eating.

Wholesome and complete protein, naturally high in protein, iron, and fiber

No added flavours or colours. Authentically seasoned with herbs and spices.

Incredible taste and texture. Butcher Shop Quality!

Eat Better

Our mushroom meats are high in protein and fiber with a complete amino acid profile. They're also allergen free and taste incredible!

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  • Coming Soon to a store near you!
  • #MushroomMeat
  • The whole team loves it!

    “We had a team taste test of the chorizo and it was amazing. Enjoyed it with a Persian flatbread. All of us agreed that it is a product that we would add to our weekly shopping list.”

    Ashton O

  • Family Approved!

    “Our kids are such picky eaters and they loved it!, it's family approved."”

    Paulina A.

  • Really Good!

    “We tried the Italian crumble in a Bolognese sauce and it was really good!! The product cooked very well in the sauce, evenly and the flavour just melted in. My husband loved it!”

    Britta J.

  • Dreamy Burritos

    “"Our family made burritos with the original mycelium crumble, I had two and I still dream about them"”

    Daniel T.